Is Concrete Slurry Cleaner Good for the Environment?

Concrete slurry cleaners are useful to dry out slurry and to make it safe to dispose of. The environmental protection agency has rules about how concrete slurry can be disposed of, because the slurry contains silica dust which could be dangerous if it is allowed to make it into our waterways. The slurry can be hardened using a number of different agents (but these can be dangerous in their own right because they contain heavy metals that can be toxic as well), or can be treated using a cleaner or separator to get rid of the water in them leaving a dry dust that is comparatively inert.

After water is removed from the slurry, it can be neutralised and filtered so that the water is safe for re-use.

Concrete slurry can be hard to dispose of. Not all landfill agencies will take it – even in powdered form – without doing chemical tests to make sure that it is safe. Slurry in liquid form can be incredibly dangerous to wildlife, and can run off and pollute waterways as well. A concrete slurry cleaner will help to protect the environment, and will make things safer for you.

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The Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure that the EPA requires be performed to test slurry is something that builders should familiarise themselves with to ensure that you do not accidentally try to dispose of slurry that could carry heavy metals out of it and leech into landfill. The disposal process may not be easy, but don’t try to save a few minutes now by disposing of potentially dangerous slurry when there could be long term ramifications that could leave the environment struggling with the after effects for many generations after you are gone. We only get one earth, take care of it.

Green Environmental Concrete

Green concrete convention

About Green Concrete UAE

Green Concrete UAE 2015 will gather government representatives, developers, builders, engineering consultants, main contractors, admixture and ready-mix companies, precast concrete companies, concrete cutting, drilling , coring suppliers, cement suppliers and other industry stakeholders to discuss regulatory updates, cement pricing and mechanisms, green concrete properties, implementation challenges, eco-friendly solutions and the latest technology advancements to ensure the successful implementation of eco-friendly concrete in Dubai and across the UAE.

Dubai Municipality initiated a circular mandating the use of sustainable concrete for all new projects, including all concrete cutting contractors, particularly related to the drilling, sawing and services. They maden this compulsory as of April 1st, 2015. In this circular, the authorities shared a table providing contractors, consultants, concrete factories and suppliers with environment-friendly supplementary cementitious materials ratios and the list of components to be used in concrete mixtures in order to reduce carbon emissions, and to strategically position the Emirates on the green building and urban planning scenes.

While Dubai is the first Emirate spearheading the green concrete initiative, Abu Dhabi Municipality has several projects mandating the use of green concrete. Sharjah Municipality has also shown interest in the use of green concrete to reduce carbon emissions and increase durability. Green Concrete UAE 2015 will discuss strategies and solutions in developing sustainable concrete to reduce carbon emissions and increase the lifecycle of future projects across the United Arab Emirates.

With the increasing interest in carbon emissions reduction, the green materials market revenue for construction is estimated to reach 23 billion dollars by 2016 as per Frost & Sullivan.

The recent spike in construction has left massive backlash in quality equipment being used in construction. Massive concrete yards have left sea water very dirty and government officials have had to pay professional contractors to pick up the pieces when cleaning the environment.

Demolition plays a massive part in the pollution, particularly concrete demolition and the slurry the concrete cutters and excavators leave behind.

Dubai construction market is estimated to be worth $42.2bn (AED155bn) in 2015. Alot of this figure is made up of massive asphalt, masonry and concrete drilling/cutting companies who play a massive role the demolition of old infrastructure.

Recent estimates have indicated that the mandatory switch to using green cement will add an extra forty years lifespan to buildings that use it and offer a cost saving of $52.3bn (AED192bn) for the Dubai construction , commercial concrete , cutting and professional contractors sector.